Girls Club

Falkirk School of Gymnastics Girls Competitive Club

Our Senior Coach in charge of the club is Stuart Callahan

Girls for our Competition Club are selected from our Advanced class and occasionally from other parts of the UK and overseas. The girls usually start around 7 years old and are trained first to compete in Floor and Vault competitions before moving on to National Grades and Women’s Artistic 4 piece events.

Women’s apparatus


Since 2001, a slightly inclined vaulting table has replaced the Vaulting horse, placed on a special metal base, 1.25m high. The approach run is about 25m. After gaining speed, athletes bounce off of the spring board, push the apparatus with their hands and then perform turns and pirouettes, finishing with a controlled landing.

Uneven Bars

Uneven Bars consist of two parallel wooden bars 2.40m long, each on a different height above the floor (2.45m and 1.65m). The gymnasts swing in both directions, above and below the bars, ending the routine with a controlled dismount and landing.


The Balance Beam is 5m long, 1.25m above the ground, and only 10cm wide. It is the apparatus that most often determines the winner of the competition. Gymnasts have 1’ 30’’ minutes to perform, steadily and without falls, a combination of acrobatic exercises, jumps, turns, dancing movements and balance exercises.


Floor Exercises are executed on a 12 x 12m surface with a 1-metre safety border around it. The surface rests on a special wooden underlay, which is necessary for the athletes’ take-offs and landings. Athletes present their routine with the accompaniment of music, combining dance with acrobatic exercises, using the whole surface of the floor.